Simple Circle PhotoBlog Begins!

Welcome to the beginning of the Simple Circle PhotoBlog!  This is the first post of many, including photography of all kinds.

Photography has always pulled me in as an artistic medium of choice from a very young age.  I’ve always had a camera of one kind or another.  My first SLR was this old manual, film Minolta camera – metal, heavy, and solid.  I carried my camera through school wherever I went shooting what interested me, looking capture unusual visions of the ordinary around me.

Eventually I moved on to the natural world that has always held such a passion for me.  I also eventually upgraded cameras, experimented with film types, and moved up to my favorite camera I’ve ever owned – an old, wooden 4×5 large format camera with a single fixed lens and brass hardware.  It was both beautiful and functional in ways my newest digital SLR can never accomplish.

The detail was unbelievable, the richness palpable, and I loved it.  The character of the Polaroid positive/negative type 55 film was a favorite.  But the digital age came roaring in, and I needed to shoot more, and digitally.

One day, I’ll get that potential back in a digital form.  There is something about the care and deliberateness of shooting with such a camera that can’t be replaced.  But that camera can’t come with me miles and days into the backcountry by foot.  And it doesn’t allow me to shoot with as much experimentation and feedback in the studio and in the darkness of dusk.  Where some potential closes, other possibilities open up.

I always look to challenge my work, to both simplify and deepen that photography I take.  To look at the unexpected or seemingly unexceptional and bring out what is exceptional about it.  I play with light, with abstraction, with texture, and with a combination of the simple and wondrous in the wide perspective while deep and rich in details.

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