Simple Circle Photography creates beautiful prints of landscapes, nature, and other subjects, as well as providing photographic services.

Our photography services include commercial photography for creative event and performance photography, showcase product photography, food photography, and more.

About My Work

My photographic work mirrors my philosophy, often with simple visions with great depth in the details. Light, texture, and a straightforward view you might not have seen or respected attracts my eye. Sometimes dramatic, sometimes more abstract expressionism, my landscapes often look to the unexpected. The play of light and the colors it produces is often the focus as much as or more than the subject or the scene itself. While others attempt to capture unique glimpses into the rich wonder of the natural world, bringing out the textures and the details the chaos of nature creates even within a simple scene.

My studio work with natural objects looks more to the plays of light and personality in portraiture as opposed to still life. I look to treat the natural subject more as a human portrait than objects in a scene.

In my commercial work, I bring that same eye and creative vision. A passion for light, detail, texture, impression, and movement drive new ways of looking at my subjects.

Meet Josh, Your Photographer:

Making an impact is my biggest driver, rivaled only by creation. Photography is my art medium of choice when it comes to execution, but I am in just about every medium that I have time or energy to dip into through my life. Photography is one of my biggest passions. I’m creative and analytical, practical and idealistic, and am constantly tortured by my own mind and standards. But the balance and the contradiction can bring exceptional possibilities!

Nature and the natural universe is too amazing to fathom, and the living world feeds my soul. You’ll regularly find me in wilderness, or bringing nature in to our human world. We can reach an equilibrium with nature that is greater than either side. I started Magic Bean Farm under that very premise with my own Earth regenerating methods.

In 2011, I rode by bicycle from Seattle to San Francisco to raise funds for The Ndoto Project. I love food, growing food, and cooking food. I’m an explorer, a researcher, and always inquisitive into what is worth digging into.

I’m always discovering my journey of life. I’d rather anything happen than be stuck at a dead end without exceptional possibilities. I live for the journey to exceptional places with a profound impact. Wherever that goes, that’s where I’m going.

My passion for the visual arts carries across mediums. I also act as principal of Resonate Branding + Design, and the urban farmer of Magic Bean Farm. I continually strive to challenge everything, including myself.